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About Moana Restaurant Group

Moana Restaurant Group specializes in crafting unique experiences that are sophisticated yet approachable, vibrant yet casually elegant: it’s a recipe we call Modern Luxury.

Moana Restaurant Group owns and operates a unique collection of inspired dining destinations. Never satisfied with the status quo, Moana is redefining the idea of modern hospitality by elevating its offerings beyond the basics and into the realm of complete experiences – distinct, fulfilling and memorable. From a casual neighborhood bistro to a refined dining establishment, Moana transforms the simple into the sublime.

Moana’s goal is to parlay unique business opportunities into the creation of organically derived experiences influenced by existing spaces and local environments. While many of the restaurants share a common intention and theme, each location is designed to be an enduring, aesthetically appealing establishment that fits comfortably within its surrounding neighborhood. Moana continually collaborates with a broad range of talented individuals from diverse disciplines. The creative energy of our partners, combined with our extensive hospitality experience and broad resources, ensures the success of all of our ventures.