Our Company

Headquartered in San Rafael, California, Moana owns and manages more than 30 restaurants in the Western half of the United States, Hawaii and Mexico. Our corporate office is comprised of a professional team with expertise in management, development, finance and accounting, marketing, public relations, sales, information technology, purchasing and human resources.

Moana Restaurant Group is part of the Palisades Hospitality Group portfolio of brands - a unique and diverse collection of hotels, resorts and restaurants offering a refined and authentic experience.

Our Team

Moana Restaurant Group is part of the Palisades Hospitality Group family of brands. PHG embraces an innovative corporate culture designed to maximize the passion and personal investment of each of its employees, from the top down. Led by a truly entrepreneurial management team, the company's collective expertise and creative vision ensures that each guest receives impeccable service and a memorable experience.

For a complete list of PHG team members and bios, please visit www.palisadeshospitality.com/team/.

Our Approach

Moana Restaurant Group’s commitment to our surroundings is reflected in our dedication to our community and environment.  We donate over $100,000 each year to local schools and select charities.  As the real gift lies within the giving, we feel fortunate to share our bounty with our neighbors.

In addition to our philanthropic commitment, Moana is dedicated to instituting environmentally friendly, green practices throughout our restaurants. From converting the grease in our fryers to biodiesel, to using recycled paper and soy based inks, we continually strive to make decisions based on what’s best for the environment. 

While not every restaurant has its own organic garden (though quite a few do!) 50% of our produce is locally grown and harvested.  Anything that can be recycled is, from glass to ink cartridges to food scraps for compost for our nearby farmers. 

In addition, a majority of our restaurants feature wines and/or beers on tap, furthering our commitment to environmentally friendly practices. Our custom taps and barrel system not only allow for the freshest, highest-quality products, but also eliminate waste by not having bottles or corks to throw away at the end of the night.